Navitrac N346 ALL POSITION

Navitrac N346

Price: $270.00
Tread Depth
This listing is for new Power King Navitrac N346 295/75R22.5 Power King Navitrac N346 is a regional steer and all-position tire made for commercial trucks and buses. Tire features: Five-rib pattern and wide solid shoulder promote even load distribution, create constant road contact, lower rolling resistance, and results in being more fuel-efficient. Four circumferential grooves that help to disperse water out of the tire’s footprint and reduce the hydroplaning risk. Three center ribs assist with straight-line stability at highway speeds and enhance braking performance. Embedded siping detail creates a biting effect and significantly improves traction and grip in wet, slippery, and dry weather conditions. Steel-belted internal construction designed for toughness and tire rigidity, reduced chance of deformation under heavy loads, providing stability and uniform wear.